There is grace in the moment. And then it’s gone. And when’s it’s gone, our humanity questions how we even made it through. We are instantaneously aware that without God, our journey looks impossible. Even to us.

I woke up on adoption day with the grace for our season in foster care lifted. It was a noticeable spiritual shift. A marker of that season definitively ending. I was in a state of reverence before my God. It was sobering to recognize that holiness that we so often overlook. That God alone sustains us in prolonged seasons! I did not adjust to foster care. I was sustained. I would not dare foster for even one more day. The very idea seems as undoable as it does to those who have never done it.

That unexpected experience is my stepping stone into this next season. My firm footing. I have a God who equips me with every good thing to do His will. Hebrews 13:21 Whatever appears lacking in me as a mama of four is irrelevant because I don’t have to depend on myself. God has no expectation of me to be enough for them because He is more than enough for me. There is new grace for this new season. It came down like a dove and is resting on me as tangibly as the grace that flew far far away. Amen.


One thought on “Sustained

  1. “I did not adjust. I was sustained. . . . God alone sustains us in prolonged seasons.” // I feel like these words could be hand-lettered and then become that viral piece of art that everyone Pins or puts up on Instagram with their thoughts as to how this applied to their life circumstances and season. How profound they are to me as we finish our 19th week of this season today. 19 weeks. I haven’t counted the weeks since we were in week 10. But in this moment my soul needed to see how long we have been sustained as a way of renewing for mind for the trust of continued sustenance. I think sometimes Holy Spirit pulls us in and out of the need to count or mark time depending on which choice benefits us in that particular season within the season. But I digress. Your mom has said to us, “I don’t know how you guys are walking this out with so much peace and grace. I couldn’t walk the financial roads you have and not freak out. That specific road just feels too much for me.” I get it. I’ve looked at other peoples’ seasons and have thought something similar. I guess it’s hard to imagine what Grace Sustentation feels like when you’re not the one experiencing it. So I get this. Deeply. And I’m so very thankful to recognize the length of this season of sustenance as it is marked today. 19 weeks and counting…


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