Sometimes I wish I could justify going a little blonder. Sit in a salon chair. Walk out feeling like a woman.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t wearing her hand me downs. Style myself freely. Fully express who I am.

Sometimes I wish I was out with my camera during golden hour. Planning my next creative adventure. Pushing my skills beyond my known limits.

Sometimes I wish I knew what song was playing on the radio. The latest trend. Current culture.

Sometimes I wish I could meet a friend for coffee. Talk about a hobby. Linger for the ambiance.

But only sometimes. Because most times, I’m pretty caught up in living the life I asked Jesus for. I’m pretty awestruck being a mama. I’m pretty grateful it’s absolutely consuming. I’m pretty aware there’s nothing I want more than my reality.


One thought on “Sometimes

  1. This is beautiful. It’s the beautiful reality of the life held in all the moments and minutes it takes to be the mama your heart has always desired to be. Some mama’s time looks different. But every mama’s choice does. That’s the beauty of it too. All the ‘sometimes’ you don’t choose for all the ‘most times’ you live. And mamahood, just like everything else, is seasonal. And your seasons will look different than other mamas’ seasons too. And that’s just the same kind of beautiful too.


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