Grand Adventure

She had crazy white hair and the wisdom to go with it. She walked in with a word from God about my future as a mama. And two women immediately received visions of him. My someday son. That was nearly 12 years ago. What began in that prayer meeting has continued to this day. God has spoken endlessly to me about this boy that I am already in love with.

Even though I have called him by name for over a decade, he’s never had a nickname. He has a name you can’t shorten and all the traditional ones like “bubba”, “buddy”, and “doodle” have already been used in my circle. Last night, God gave him one of his very own – Pooh Bear.

Before you picture me walking into a Disney store and going crazy over every bright yellow bear I see, you should know I’m not that mama. We have exactly two character shirts in our entire home, and they are the shirts my toddlers wore to Disneyworld. In our home, Disney is reserved for costumes and make-believe. It’s a magical world we like to explore daily but we keep it separated from our real life. I don’t call my four girls princesses and they are not walking Disney paraphernalia. That’s not my thing.

Yesterday my oldest tugged down my dress because it was resting on my growing baby bump. I joked “that’s just my pooh bear belly”. Something flickered inside me. Holy Spirit highlighted that was my son’s nickname in a way I could not ignore. Every aversion that I should have had to it was instantly softened. I wasn’t imagining an over-the-top nursery collection, a wall of movie screenshots, or every item of his wardrobe with Winnie footsies. I was drawn to the curious and kind persona of this cuddly bear that is such a classic representation of childhood, friendship, and adventure. I got Holy Spirit’s choice on a soul level. (Although I may have secretly hoped for a “fluffy” boy with a rumbly tummy. Because, cute.)

The name settled on me. This morning, I began a Pooh Bear pinterest board. Honey pots, bumble bees, blue balloons, the hundred acre woods. Subtle, charming, soft-colored imagery that the original Pooh Bear is known for. One click led to another. And I stumbled (the natural word for Holy Spirit waiting with a surprise) upon a quote that left me in tears. As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen. -WinnieThePooh

Grand adventure. Those two words! Holy Spirit had tied so much together in a way only He can. On Mother’s Day of this year, my Best gave written prophetic words to every mother in my family. Here is mine:

I heard this is the season of “grand (magnificent, noble, revered) adventure;” one that He has planned ahead carefully, placing all of the things in their exact places in the exact times … for such a time as this. You have been prepared all theses years for the time that you are walking in now. Every circumstance that you have lived through, every joyful event, every trial, every heartbreak, every moment of loss, every hopeful moment, every tear-filled moment He has used to speak into your heart and to weave the preparation for motherhood into your soul … for such a time as this. Romans 8:28 states that every moment in our lives of love for God is worked into good. I heard that your years before motherhood were training ground specifically needed … for such a time as this. And that there are things that were unclear before but are becoming clear now. I actually felt this really strong impression that there are questions you asked that will be answered in this season.

Mother’s Day was in May. I found out I was pregnant in June. And next month, I will learn if I am carrying my Pooh Bear or he is still a season away. But today, my heart is flooded with all the feels because I know more of who my son is. Jesus, thank you for the sweetest nickname there ever was.

Grand Adventure

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